Planet Pooch

Commanders Dan, Ken and Marna discovered Planet Pooch near the end of the last millenium. Immediately they knew that this was the perfect place for pooches of all persuasions to play and socialize.

Working tirelessly, the Commanders transformed Planet Pooch to provide a clean, safe and secure habitat for dozens of friendly pooches. To accomplish their mission, the Commanders enlisted the help of some able-bodied Mission Specialists. Each of them brings unique skills and talents to their position.

Communications Officer and Canine Behavior Specialist Pia advises and counsels the humans who visit Planet Pooch in the ways of dogs. Fluent in Swedish, English and Dog, she helps both species understand one another.

Special Force Kainos do much of the hard work at Planet Pooch. Each Kainos Force member has special training in ball throwing, cuddly and dog safety.

The Commanders and Mission Specialists invite all friendly pooches on the peninsula to visit Planet Pooch and discover how good dogs and understanding humans can accomplish great things.